6 Crisis a Solopreneur must overcome

The Solopreneur life defines a Solopreneur as:

“A TRUE Solopreneur is an entrepreneur who has developed a business with NO employees, that’s portable, scalable and produces passive income”

If you have a skill, an information and/or knowledge that you give out by yourself in exchange for money then you can be considered a Solopreneur(even without knowing that you are).

Solopreneurship can be a huge challenge for even the most seasoned entrepreneurs that’s why 90% of Solopreneurs get out of business. So here are the crisis you need to overcome to be a part of the 10%


Many people begin their Solopreneur business out of passion, interest, need to make money or a calling. So they concentrate on trying to get better at what they do with the hopes that clients will recognize their proficiency. Clients won’t!! You have to create time were you go out and market your clients. Hone your negotiation skills, increase your PR and make contacts & connections


The key here is to outsource and delegate any activity that is not essential. Give yourself to your core competences, concentrate on the main things and hand the other minor stuffs to helping or paid hands. This does not make you less of a Solopreneur, it gives you time to better your output.


When you work alone time flies and before you know it you are stuck in your room working all day. Your friends become your work tools and furniture. Your work becomes your life. When you sink into that habit it becomes a devastation. You loose touch with relationships. This leads to my next point.


As a Solopreneur -You develop the concept, you write the proposal and still implement it. This can take a whole lot of time. So you need careful management. Get a to do list; break down your plans into workable hourly tasks. A board, calendar, alarm, schedule app on your phone -whatever helps you manage your time and activities.


Remember you are your content marketer for your business so while you do the ground work also remember to do the online work of brand awareness and leads generation, posting and sharing to as many channels as possible. 3 cheapest ways to gain online presence can help you.


As a Solopreneur, you are a (wo)man of many functions,you are a marketer,production director, Head of research and development, head of marketing, head of finance and still the CEO. So you must learn to clone yourself and manage each Clone because the failure of one affects the rest of them. When the marketer fails the finance losses profits.


Do you want to succeed? Do you want to stay alive for longer? Sure?! Then add rest and recreation to your plan. Work hard and play hard

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4 thoughts on “6 Crisis a Solopreneur must overcome

    1. Thanks Ebi Sam for your comment. Sourcing for finance is a crisis. however, it is one faced by Micro,small, medium and even large corporations. Hence,it is not specific to solopreneurs like these ones presented.

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